Need some help, please!

Hey, guys! I need some help with some Attack and Deffence teams, and which character to ascend first? Should I wait for the Free Revive?


You got some good melee toons but you need a attack leaderskill for melee. Do you have green mirabelle?

Nope, I don’t have any, those are all my toons

What @TwoDogg said - you need a leader.

Also, never focus on defence if you need to work on attack. Always prioritise attack toons if you’re starting out - you’ll do a lot better and consequently should help get the necessary resources to get the defence toons up to scratch


Pretty spot on and exactly this. @MariusTrifan

you got way better teams than i got…

Zeke is a good bet prior to getting a melee lead. His guardian II is really useful and often underrated on both attack and defence.

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