Need some help, please! F2P here

Some good Deffence and Atack teams?

You lack a good def lead. Try to get your hands on a carl, i think he is in the ascendance tower. Then build a team around koa.

Something like carl lead, koa. guardian zeke, lacerator rick (make him super tanky with mods and wpn, he doesn’t need atk, his rush has the same dmg output no matter the atk stat), add solange (for more survivability) or kelly (for faster
rushes with command) or princess (more bleed)

put ap down wpn on koa, rick huge on atk/huge on getting attacked/stun, the rest stun on atk, zeke abdef.


Alternatively you could try to get eric from supply depot or ascendance and use him as lead.

eric, rick, koa, princess, solange or maybe anna (for more taunt)

Attack team: Princess Anna Ezekiel Rick, lead Garrett (League Sandy would be even better if you can still get her). Bleed mods (burn for Rick) to get though abs def/high defenses, lots of taunts to distract the shields and revives.

If you want my advice as a f2p too, don’t bother about attack/def team for wars. Most likely your team will need adjustments after a month and will be useless after 3 months. I’m tired changing my team all the time. I just don’t care if my def is good anymore and i have a pretty good atc team.

tara is awsome on attack! behind andrea lead one hitter quitter on a line

Duane,zeke,princess,Solange, and koa for def. Try for green carl hes a better lead than duane.

For atk maybe …Wanderer lead,blue tara, blue yumiko, red lori and yellow zeke for g2 shields to keep other toons alive. Try to get a hold of blue andrea and red mira really good leads for atk.

If u grind its possible to make a really good def f2p…as f2p myself its not easy but it’s not impossible. There are plenty of options for f2p on def

Yea i know…i have so many 6* now that could make a really nice def but i don’t care now if i got raided. Anyway i don’t paricipate in wars so i just raid other f2p players at raid events.

Why is your only leader skill 6* Connor is my question. My bad didn’t see Lee but you team is melee strong

There is also 6* Duane.

Yah I just seen that haha

I’m just saying its a weird combo of 6* toons

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