Need some help on team ideas

Looking for some solid raid team ideas and defense team ideas. I have obviously not been doing something right.

I was runnin baby blue Carl, Leon, Michong, Rick, and Julie for raid

And Donny, Jesus/Mercer, Ryan, Lydia, christa for Defense

For attack I’d suggest:
Raulito(lead), Davie, Louis, Christa, Sandy(decap)

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lead Raulito and bleed toons

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For defense I’d suggest:
Donny(lead), Mercer, Ryan, Lydia, Rick

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bleed teams on def is op too. Also can be used for def Raulito lead ryan elena need pete and Olivia or good slow toon.

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That team will get massacred you going to have to protect those 6* or they getting wrecked

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Carl Michonne Douglas julie and probably elena. I used a similar team with tobin/morgan in place of elena and it works well but wont be super fast.

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So I feel like the toons I have, I don’t have a solid raid team with.

Raulito Lead


Yellow Shiva


Lacerator Rick

for attack :wink:

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