Need some help in level ups? Here is a video for new players

I want to thank @Mamadeadhead for this video. I think it’ll help other players stuck on level ups get a better feel how to score the best points as possible. I’m sure there are other videos like this out here but this one is the one I found first. Here ya go and enjoy.


Another clickbait video.

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Thanks man! I really appreciate it. :heart: If anybody needs further help or has any questions about level up feel free to message me here and I’ll help you the best I possibly can.

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How is this clickbait? This is her video. Smh… This is for new players only.

Dumb question, why run two training grounds and why not max out your farms?

Nah man! Not a dumb question lol. I get those questions a lot. As far as my farms, I’m currently still leveling them. Early on in the game I made some poor decisions, including prioritizing what to build first. Which has left me still leveling up my farms nearly last. Early mistakes man, I made a bunch, which is a big reason for the Team Building series. lol trying to save others from my terrible decisions.

As far as my training grounds, when ascendance started I went from 1 legendary camp to 2 so I could get all the 3 stars I could to ascend to 4 and so on. That being said I farm 24/7 normally only letting my energy fully refill at night while I sleep. I get food and survivors all the time, so those 2 camps never run out, and it’s never been an issue for me. Even with level ups I have enough 3 stars to use to ascend and enough food and survivors saved up for when I need it. But being that I’m only doing one more “round” of ascendance, it goes back to one soon.

Gotcha, it just seems losing that many survivors and that much food would be counter productive for level up. I personally roll one training ground making 2* survivors 24/7 and another to bank food. This allows me to keep massive numbers of 2* characters on hand, without losing half of my food to make HP replishish. It’s how I’ve managed to hit 2,000,000 in a lot of the more recent level up events. That and leveling toons to tier 4 level 60, then feeding them to ascendables.


Probably for some it would be counter productive, and if I was only doing level up, I would agree. I still get 2 million no issues when I want too, so for me it works fine :blush: However like I said, I was using these 3 stars for ascendance. I’m not a big spender like a lot here, I get the 30 day pass, and with those coins I use them for events. I don’t do big pulls, I’ve never even done a 40 pull, I’ve pulled for 3 characters in my entire history on the game. Those were 10 pulls, so I don’t get massive amount of 3 and 4 stars like others. This is my way to supplement that :blush: I know the way you explain, like I said I’ve done it and will soon go back to that route soon. I’ve talked about it in a few videos, and explained why I do it this way, and the pros and cons. :blush: