Need some help getting into my og account

So I recently swapped phones and for some reason my FB account didn’t link to my OG account. I’ve been going back and forth with support and they claim I’m not living the same location as my OG account and want me to prove I’ve traveled. Problem is I still live in the same town as my OG account so there’s really no way I can prove that I’ve traveled. I have plenty of receipts showing I’ve bought stuff for this game but I don’t know if that’ll help.

Anyone got any recommendations for this(besides just quitting altogether)?

Show support your last purchase - official receipt needed

I’ve posted like 6 of my last purchases. They still want me to verify that I’ve traveled nowhere.

I guess I should’ve read your original post more clearly lol

Mm…did you loan your account to anyone abroad? Did someone hack it?

If neither, would it be possible to show your credit card’s billing address and residential address are the same as before? Maybe show them utility bills?

The issue here is, they can tell you what they want regarding wrong account location and they don’t have to proof any of their claims even if true or false. I do believe too that account sharing might be the reason here, understandable when you don’t want to lose progress while phone is broken. But then it’s against their ToS. If account has been unintentionally highjacked through emulator then they actually could see this through log files.

Traveling shouldn’t be of any issue. Started to play when I was working in the US, with a different OS and phone. Now years (sounds quite sad) later with another different OS and phone, and been to several other different countries I’ve had never any login issues aside of their famous maintenance lockouts. Anyway, they’ve had years to implement a safe secure login mechanism. They didn’t and that’s pure laziness.

How do they expect you to prove you haven’t been anywhere? What exactly do they want to see?

It’s bizarre, it used to be that providing a receipt to prove ownership was sufficient.

Now while you mention this, it truly sounds fishy like phishing attempts by them.

Haven’t loaned it to anyone and as far as I know it wasn’t hacked

Well here’s a message I got from support regarding me not traveling.

"Hi there, I am Karl.
Unfortunately, since your both accounts aren’t coming from the same location, we won’t be able to assist unless you provide a proof of travel that shows that you traveled to said location. But as you mentioned that you didn’t travel, there is nothing we can do in this case.

If additional questions come up, don’t hesitate to contact us again. Have a great week! "

basically they wanna know if you have been to mother russia

I have spent money, giving support one more try before I ask for a refund

Try someone on discord… You might get a better response. I’ve never heard of them asking about travel before… Weird…

I think Taytron was typing a minute ago, hopefully he’s going to help. Otherwise contacting someone via discord is your best option.

It really annoys me when they tell you to have a great week when they just said they won’t help you.

I’ll have to give that a try.

Update: Support won’t issue refund because I don’t have access to the account, Google here i come.

Hey Alpha,

I’ve reached out to you via direct message to discuss this issue. I will be closing this thread.

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