Need some advice building a good team

Hi guys,
I picked up this game again after not playing it for over a year, so I’m incredibly confused with what’s going on since so many things were added (like 6s???). I’ve been casually playing for a couple of weeks now and did a ton of survival road stages to complete those domination mission and get some better characters, but that’s where I’m stuck. I just did a 40 pull 15 minutes ago and these are the best characters I’ve got right now (Dale, governor, Louis, Rick, Andrea and Maggie)

I also have a ton of 4
s, but I doubt I’d be using them for this team, right?
And I also still need to pick a reward for domination pt2 and pt3. So I can choose between Scout, Mirabelle, Michonne and Lori for pt2. And between Rosita, Sandy, Victor and Yumiko for pt3.

So I have one ascendable right now that I’ll be using for sure. Then I can pick another one as a reward, I was thinking either Rosita or Sandy. And as a reward for domination pt2 Michonne or Mirabelle seem the best picks to me.
Also is it better for me to go for a red/yellow team or does it not matter and should I just aim to put the best characters together regardless of their trait?
And should my defense and attack team be different?

Firstly, focus on attack. You look like you are a long way off building a viable defence and if you can’t do well by attacking, you will likely get annoyed and quit again.

Louis is a great pull, disarm is arguably the most powerful skill In the game, so work on getting him well levelled.

I can’t recall the exact toons in Domination Pt 2 - which of those are ascendable (i.e. have the yellow star like Louis does)? If it is the Alert Mirabelle then she is probably the best choice, but presume it isn’t her.

For Part 3 I would probably suggest Sandy. Yumiko is poor and might benefit you more than 5 star toons, but there are a lot beter six stars out there to spend your resources. Viktor’s neutralise is powerful and is an alternative thought. Rosita is a reasonable healer, but doubt she will help much.

In terms of focus, build a team around what you’ve got and also your attacking leader. If you are fighting six star teams you will need characters with attack buffs (SR Zeke, Kate and Heath are good 5 stars for this) and also debuffs (Carson and Fast Victor). Initially I would build whatever you have a leaderskill to best use.

First of all, thank you for helping me!!

None of them are ascendable unfortunately…

Okay so for Part 3 either Sandy or Victor.
It’s kinda unfortunate that non of the toons from pt2 and 3 have a leader skill, since now only my 4s have a leader skill and my 5 Dale and Andrea. Andrea is probably the best pick since she gives +45% attack against melee characters and Dale gives +30% hp to all strong characters.

I’d probably pick Scout as command is always useful.

Don’t recall what Mirabelle and Michonne are like - I thought I would have picked them, but I have neither in my roster and I know I have Lori and Scout from pulls. Not sure who I claimed.

Andrea lead for sure, especially as she offers ability to all characters, just unfortunately useless against ranged teams.

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Team 1(Attack)- Red Andrea lead, Louis, 5* Rick, Dale, Scout(if you chose him)
Team 2(Zombies)- Molly lead, Dale, Maggie, Chuck, Rick
Team 3(Ranged, Attack)- Red Andrea lead,Blue Andrea, Governor, Louis, Scout

Now, in regards to what ascendables to choose from-
Sandy- The only leads she benefits from are 4*s, unless you pick up a great leader that benefits Fasts I don’t think she’s the way to go.
Yumiko- 5 star version offers very useful stunning in a line, don’t think the 6 star is too good as I have never, ever had a problem with her, at least on a defense team, and I haven’t been raided by one recently. She has no place on a good defense team.
Rosita- A godly healer I use on all my ranged attack teams. AP down is like Neutralize 0.5, if you get her, work on ascending her ASAP right after Louis.
Viktor- Again, 5 star version ain’t that great, but Neutralize really comes in handy. He’d be decent for bringing down starting melee teams, but his use beyond that, when you have a full team of 6 stars, will be pretty much Survival Road and not much else.


I chose Mirabelle because she is a pretty lady and that’s all that matters to me.

Its actually because I needed a fast medic


Thank you!!

I’m leaning towards Rosita, since I don’t have a healer for that team right now she would be perfect.
Never actually thought about it before, but is having a good healer a must on your team or can you do without it?
Right now what seems ideal to me is if I could get another good fast character and then I’d get Rosita and use Red Andrea as a leader, Louis, Maggie and another good fast toon. Basically I’d run a red/yellow combi team. The only thing is, do good leaders for such team even exist?

Well, if you can get Michelle, there’s a great leader right there. Only other leader for Fast/Alert right now is Donny, if you can get your hands on either of those you’re set.
You can do without a healer, but your attack team needs to be able to wipe out the opposition as soon as possible. Otherwise they get you before you get them. Rosita’s been great for me, used her for everything the moment I ascended her and upgraded her rush to at least Level 3.

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If you havent been told or figured out any 4* can be ascended and it will randomly give you 5* of same color.
This is an excellent way to use 4* you get from farming or the wheel that are not of any use.
Ascendable 5* you can get from 4* to name a few
-Yellow Carly rainbow lead/healer/def buff
-Red mira (pretty sure shes been added) awesome ranged leader to start off with.
-Red Donnie red/yellow gen 2 lead
-blue erik amazing heal revive blue/green lead
Those are just a few. You max your 4* then ascend like you would a 5*. Once you receive a 5* if it is Ascendable you then level that and ascend again to its 6* version.
Hepful tips: do survival road and in the depot there is a daily crate that offers ascedance medals.
Theres also a roadmap on Mondays that offer medals
Also i recommend building up survivors and start some training grounds to have 2* going non stop. Level up milestones will really help you get some items to compete.
Get as many benidicts and lilths/uylesis as possible to save for when your ready to finally get your 6*. 6* rushes needs lilths to upgrade rushes.
These are alternative ways to get get ascendables and medals needed. Use your scav mission in between level ups to level those 4* for ascending.
If theres a mid level faction in your region thats willing to take you in to help grow I suggest that. Non war weekends will get you some 5* tokens to have a chance at more ascendables

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Yeah I’m gonna try to get Donnie. Kinda sucks that I didn’t figure out the event to get Michelle was F2P and I doubt I can get all those items in time now, but Donnie seems awesome too.
Also if you ascend a 5* to a 6* do you keep the AR lvl or does it reset to 1?
And thanks for all the tips they’re really helpful!

Its considered a new toon they reset. Need lilths or adens to boost ar. Save any adens for 6*. Also if you find you will be ascending a toon to a 6* quickly dont worry about using same persona 2* to level just speed level and get them ascended. If you are going to use the toon as a 5* then obviously level ar.
4* drop alot on last stages or world map. Also if you can grab survival road zeek. Hes still one of the few 5* viable that is easily available. Hit sr daily. Grab as many gold mods from this event if your not getting Michelle. My advice for future is for events if you are unsure of whether its doable f2p search here. Normally someone does the math. Michelle would of been a great grab.

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advice is $