Need shirts and gloves offer again

Can we please get the 70 coin shirts and gloves offer put back up? I’m out yet again. Wish we could get it at minimum once a week…

@GR.Scopely @ForumAdmin @TayTron @Shawn.Scopely


Could need a new scarf and a pair of gloves too. Because Winter season you know.


Hell yes!

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It just popped up for me in offers @Holiday

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@Holiday - I will query the team about getting those offers back up but I cannot promise anything.



Yep, just got it too :slight_smile:

I realize it probably had nothing to do with my request, likely just timing. But either way thank you for putting the offer up for us! :+1:

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Thank you @GR.Scopely

I often go through about 600-1000 a week, depending how active I can be. So if these could come up once a week, it would be great. Even if I’m not running dangerously low, I still try to get all 4 that are available.

And pass on my thanks to whoever put it up this time. Great timing! Lol


Tbf, if very active players are running out of the most basic and important of items, then there is another thing drastically wrong with the game economy.
What they should do is make it so that the most basic of items drop in a decent quantity without us being forced to run ‘3 energy’ maps. Failing that the 70 gold offer should be avaliable all the time not just once a week.

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This offer is happening now.
4 available for buying 70 coins each

Aye I already bought them. I’m just saying it should be run constantly.

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I 100% agree with you. Literally the lowest, most basic gear in the game, yet they have a stranglehold on it. Never should be necessary to farm anything just to get enough…they should drop in large quantities, literally everyehere. Esp these high energy roadmaps that give zero rewards and 2 or 3 survivors.

I absolutely fkn hate that they charge for this. But, it is what it is, so i agree it should be up 24/7. Better than farming them. Farming gets soooo boring. Last thing we should ever have to do is spend hours farming a stage for 1* gear!

By player level 20, no one should ever have to give this gear a single thought. Let alone find their game comes to a complete halt because you have to work every moment and devote all energy to farm enough to get through the day…


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