Need return of Yang museum offers

Why did the extra equipment for Yang end so long before the rest of the event? Many of us again have thousands more Yang than Yin. Is there going to be a return of the collection/new collection, or do these go the way of the plush chihuahuas?


I agree we do

Another forgotten item probably.

Agreed should have been up til event ended

They will be put next to broken ornimates


They want you to buy them

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What they need is to cut the cost of the pulls by 50 and cut the amount of both yin and yangs down a hundred and still most would not be able to get shitty Zhu.

Incompetence at its finest and forcing ppl to buy useless shit again.


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They aren’t even selling them at good prices, 600 coins for 100 Yang? Gross.

Totally agree. What’s the purpose to remove a museum collection reward midway though the event when it could only be collected ONCE. Why? Because like the withdrawal of cake on roadmap and increase in torches, scopes data analysis showed players were gathering items for S class to quickly to their liking so made a decide to pump the brakes, in the middle of an event an change the rules without, as usual, any warning :warning:. Same with diost beads milestone rewards, and availability. The typhoon event was billed as an intended grind-able reward, yet mid way again they altered the availability structure so stuck on 30/50, as the time begins to slow trickle away, despite hitting all Roadmap, and milestone since it began. We all essentially receive no communication and then end up not even uphold any of the the merger words they say. Put the dam collectible back in the museum, scale up the availability of diost beads back to where they were. Just let players try to enjoy the game for a change!!! You can’t understand why they aren’t respected, Well, scopely here’s a little titbit, that everyone in the world appears to know. except you. RESPECT is earned… not blinding given… and “your promise is your word” is one of the principles to do so…
And you sit in your offices every morning and want to know why the player base doesn’t kiss you on the forehead and give you a gold star on your homework at the end of the day. DWP. Wake up, Scopely!


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