Need region transfer ASAP

Stuck in 1A can’t transfer ,whale fac bullying others factions getting all good rewards. At this rate most ppl decided to quit. This game needs change.

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Your message is not being forwarded, until something happens…keep surviving

Yep if region transfer don’t open soon most r retiring. @GR.Scopely

what region

Sadly they dont care if you retire unless youre a whale

Elmore region

what did the whale faction do

Must be VV

I feel you, the FTP in Tift feel pretty much the same, the whales are the same in the region for about a year right now… 1A is only for the whales… It’s disgusting in so many levels… It’s one of the many reasons I’m leaving the game next year…

must of took all 10 territories

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This item has already been communicated and no further region transfer will take place until 2020.