Need Prayers form NC


As some of yall know i live in NC and there is a hurricane coming i live on the coast so the eye is going right over me, i have to help my wife and my kids because she doesn’t own a car i won’t be able to play for a few days so i will be gone but if i return then ill be right back on here just hope yall are safe if you live here ill pray for everyone who needs it God Bless you all. :pray:


Be safe fam


Ill try,


Take care dude.


Stay safe bro. I just had to evacuate too.


keep on surviving and stay safe


Be safe mate !


I have family in Jacksonville, they are evacuating. Used to live in Havelock myself.

Good luck and be safe


Be safe, hoping you’ll be ok


Be safe to you and your family. I lived in Louisiana when Katrina hit so please be careful. Prayers being sent to all who will be affected by this hurricane


Scopely will be sending you a hurricane box offer with 1 bottle of water and 2 bandaids for $124.99


Please be safe, and get out if they tell you leave.
You def have all our prayers, for you, your Fam, the first responders and everybody in the area!


I got some family there. Hope everyone will be safe!


Ill def pray for your well being and safety


Stay safe man.


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