Need Players in Beta Region 5


Hey all before i start, yes this is a recruitment fourm on the beta servers id like my closest friends on the fourms to come join me in Beta region 5 i made a faction that is named The Living Dead it is mainly for people who have beta and are active enough on beta regions to earn the nice rewards (but mainly for the coins, cause who doesn’t love free coins) i think it would be a great thing to start up so people on the fourms can come together and have fun like kn there main region, if you would like to join please feel free to join my region and faction, but let me know ahead of time if your joining so i know who your are

And yes i spelt fourms wrong ill fix it XP


Nice Alpha


Its in beta she was free, doyou want to join us


Not in Beta mate. Sorry


how many are in the faction now?


I’d join, but I can’t get into the freaking game.


Free coins?.. how many coins we talkin here to help scopely?


We have 4 but there working on getting beta


And no the free coins you earn in beta events


if you had the faction in any other beta region i would have gladly joined. Do you play in other beta regions?


Not to be too negative, but a continual issue is the declining player base. I don’t think it’s a good idea to make yet another faction, especially when you only have like 4 more other members.

Just join a faction, or use your free key and go back to another beta region. Heck, we’ll even accept you into our faction (Carnivorous Monsters, beta1)


I used my key already ;(
But i still like having people who enjoy this game join me its fun and exciting hearing others storys in there main regions and there friends


you can have accounts on every beta server, so you can get rewards for events 5 times, if you get what i`m saying.


You sure? I thought you couldn’t do that with this round of testing.


im pretty sure since its what ive been doing


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