Need my Garrett


@JB.Scopely I collected +5K candles, I need my Garrett. Please.


We don’t really need a dozen of these threads. But each and every one exists to rub in the scope of this shitstorm. So carry on.


its his right to ask for his reward since he didnt get it at the same time as most players did, I didnt get it either and im not happy about it. They should fix their shit and give everyone the rewards at the same time, i dont care how


Only received tokens. I need my rewards :man_shrugging:t2:.


Same boat.


Maybe monday :expressionless:




We will see :crossed_fingers:


There will be no response until Monday at the earliest


Whilst I agree wholeheartedly, is it not odd that the usual silent moderators aren’t merging all these “didn’t get Garrett” threads?


I did notice that. My guess is merging is a form of acknowledgement. And they aren’t ready to acknowledge until lawyers have finished drafting the “sorry not sorry” non-apology letter. lol


I didn’t receive my reward as well. Sent two emails to support but have yet to receive a response. Any idea as to when this will be corrected?


:heart_eyes: finally he‘s here


Thanks Scopely :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Why you‘re Thankful bra. It‘s our effort :grimacing:


Did he just say what “Thanks Scopely”? My god, suck their dick more and theyll keep doing this, maybe next time well get the reward after a week


We have the reward, worse would not have it, that means they did something about it.


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