Need more trainers and ascendence medals

Have hit a real bottleneck at the moment for ascendence medals and trainers. Having them as milestone rewards more frequently would be of great benefit to everyone. Thank you :slight_smile:


There are 3 rows. They usually leave one blank. This would be the perfect spot to place the much-needed medals.


I swear they don’t play their own game. It’s amazing. Can’t t4 shiva because I don’t have sports gauntlets. Like come on. I can understand canteens or masks… but sports gauntlets. What in the f. Stop delaying our progress.

I’m in despite need of Benedicts. Two epics in cue. Can’t say the medals will be a big problem. We really need that Death Notes event again.

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Shame we cant trade, all I needed was 3 tripods to t3 Yumiko and you guessed it got the other three items in that bag grrrrr

More ascendance medals. Can’t stress this enough. Let us buy multiple bags from the SD each day – it will encourage SR play and give people something to spend those tokens on.

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