Need more thanks

we need more cards of JACK AND QUEEN
– spending 30 decks in 1 day to recive only 15
is very silly and useless

can we get another way ?? maybe in territories and wars events ??
a total 300 of 400 jack with queen

make it with effort win it


Keep grinding stage 3 of the cards map, occasionally get drops of 20 jacks or queens.

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keep on paying anons kek


Absolutely awful advice. I’ve burned 5 cans and not a single drop that wasn’t 10 of spades. Also doing the event maybe 2x ever have a gotten something different than spades in this roadmap.

Do not do this unless you want to waste cans.


Depends how many cans you’ve got :man_shrugging:

Probably used 30-40? but i’m still left with 150.
Need to use them for something & I picked up Lilly on Friday

Or show a bit of patience, its been proven that Lilly can be obtained by f2p if you do all the maps

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I’ve not spent anything and I have Lilly already, I had some jacks and queens drop during the decks roadmaps by doing both the free roadmaps twice a day and doing one decks once a day.

used 150 cans and got 250~ Jacks and Queen - just an fyi if you planned to use cans for them


How??? I’ve used about 10 cans… got 2 queens and a bunch of tens -_-

My tally from daily 2x decks (28x total + first stage of the current) and a single cards run (14x)
189 Tens
168 Jacks (63 extra cards)
176 Queens (71 extra cards)
335 Kings (+ 250 already exchanged) - cca 50 from maps, rest is milestones
25 Aces (15 from fac lvl up 2nd rank, 10 from an early drop in Queens’ map)

If this keeps up, I expect to get 40 Aces (another fac lvl up coming), + 60 traded from 48 Jacks/Queens each, were I will use 100 of each for flushes and will have some 180 left for tokens (2x 6x 2,000 tokens), some 800 unusable Kings and 250 tens convertible to 1500 tokens.

If I get really lucky for another Aces drop or a fac lvl top ranking, I’ll be able to claim an S-class choice box for free besides the Lilly target…

4chan is for normies
8chan is where it’s at

So, per latest blog, there will be a trade-in of Kings for Aces…

Lilly and at least two S-class boxes now guaranteed… hopefully people had been heeding my previous advice

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that’s kinda based kek

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kek lmao keanu reeves wholesome 100 broken arms big chungus thanos car

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