Need more offers for Michelle event

I have everything I need to get Michelle. Didn’t have to pay a penny. But now I do lol. I’m not gonna have enough scalpels even including this survival road (which I already completed). A few select offers for specific stuff that can be bought more than one of would be great. Anybody else on the same boat?


Yup same boat. Missed a tourney somewhere, totally my fault I’m sure, but missing enough scalpels to get her.

Transfer to another region and finish Sr while it’s still up for double milestones it’s what im about to do…

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Totally viable F2P option.:joy::joy::joy:



There’s one more SR Sunday. You will have to use cans but it overlaps two hours.

It’s a 6 star toon a good one if you have the sr cans and a transfer key this may be an option if you don’t want to part with money unfortunately. How much are you short?

I always take part and will be short of scalpels. More offers please. And specifically sewing kits. Lots of sewing kits.

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I’m short 200 scalpels.

Gonna have to buy cans then lol. I burned them all on this last road.

That could be still do able for ya hope

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Yeah hopefully. If not I’ll spring done money for the darn things lol

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