Need more Liliths and Ulyses


So yeah…
Once upon a time when five stars ruled the world.
You could level up adrenaline rushes with Adens, trait trainers (hunter, leader etc.) and you could also lvl up ARs with normal characters (1*,2*,3*,4*,5*)

AND we had to focus only on ARs!

Fair enough, we could lvl up ARs with Liliths and Adens, but it’s still not the same, we train (cook) characters to lvl up 6*s, but can’t lvl up their rushes, and we also need to lvl up active skills too.

Therefore, we need an easier way or more of the current trainers to lvl up ARs and active skills.

Thanks Scopely!


Use all those dupe 6*'s people complain about getting.


If there was a easier way to get Liliths everyone would have maxed ar 6* then everyone would start complaining, there already easy to get, :expressionless:


Maybe they could make persona trainers 3 or 4* and make the hunter and soldier ascendable to Lilith and citizen and peacekeeper ascendable to Ulysses.


Why don’t make all the trait trainers able to level up there ability’s without having to cause much issue as I don’t use mine.


how about make a charater that levels both ar and active



I need over 70 Liliths or Adens in my noob region. It’s great getting all these toons from events/wheels. But what’s the point if i cant even use them properly for weeks/months.
As usual the game economy is broken.
There is a gear thread shortage also. Do we seriously only have buying gear from the league store as an option now? Lmfao. This game smh.


Tbh, they should allow us to cook (fast, green, blue and red) active trainers with a chance of getting AR trainer.

Similar idea like General (soldier characters, including soldier AR rush).

A similar idea would be great! (I think)


She’s with the gold radio roadmap, duh!


Yeah I feel ya.

Have a backlog of 6*s that can’t be used.

But they did do a free mod removal so hopefully they update some of these old things.

Also the tier 3 6* gear is quite hard to get now.


This would be nice. Whole training ground needs a reboot as there is little value these days in doing training beyond Levels 1 - 4 to actually gain characters.

Even if it was a 7 day thing for a high amount of survivors/food, i’d happily do it


Check the off€r$ is your answer here…


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