Need more Lilith's and Aden's

For the last two weeks, I have been farming all day everyday, have used 100 refills for farming, I haven’t got even 1 Lilith, despite of the fact that we have all relevant farming bonus territories. Last regional war, with more than 100 war crates, I haven’t got even 1 Aden, so were the results from elite token draws for a very long time.
We need more and accessible sources for Lilith’s and Aden’s… Not your $30 bundle for just 1 Lilith.


Yes no point in buying new premiere characters if I can’t level their AR. Please give us more Lilliths and Adens

You have horrible luck. Most of my faction gets 2-3 a week. I pulled several adens from the last war.

You can’t blame bad “luck” forever

Aye, need me some Ulysses too. What’s the point in having legendary characters if they can’t rush or use specials.

True. But I have 8 adens and 20 Liliths. Used 5 adens recently.

I’ve farmed stages all the way up to stage 23 8 and got 0 lillith drops