Need more legendary ascendance medals?


Hi community, would anyone else care to agree, there is a huge shortage on ascendance medals.
Finishing top 10 in Lut for a 100 is a bit of a runaround. I personally don’t fancy waiting 3 weeks to ascend one character when I have at least 6 I would like to ascend before the next CRW. @JB.Scopely can you please look into adding extra opportunities to get medals, may it be museum collection. Selling ascendables and claiming a fair portion of ascendable medals back or even a few extra road maps wouldn’t go a miss.
So please can the team look into this. If anyone else would care to share some insight, that would be marvelous


I agree. Im fairly new to the game. I ascended 2 chars so far and have 7 other chars Ready for ascending but not enough medals. Im in top 10 faction and open the survival crates every day…


Congrats on your characters max. I agree with you entirely… The SR depot crates give Jack sh!t.
5 per day is too low… If you go off SR crates alone that’s like 2 months give and take to obtain enough to ascend once character.


Ich spiele schon seid 3 Jahren und habe viele 6er aber das problem mit den roten medallien habe ich auch. Es ist einfach schwer, diese zu erhalten, da es zu wenig davon gibt. Eine wöchentliche sk wäre doch eine gute Möglichkeit einzuführen, so wie es mit den blauen medallien gibt!?


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