Need more elite character tokens

If I had to choose between 10k 5* tokens for 1st or 15-20 elite character tokens then I would pick the character tokens and I hope you would too. It has a better toon pool, if you don’t get a 5* you get fodder for 3* or 4* ascensions, which uses silver medals so Scopley that should make you happy as people would be drained more on those. I am being serious though, please consider it @kalishane @Shawn.Scopely @Agrajag


I disagree, and if scopely did do this I would probably stop competing. Generally I am happier with a dupe than a 5* I don’t have, as it’s used as fodder without a second thought. I don’t bother ascending 3s, and although I’m generally low on 4s, I always have enough to ascend one by the time I get it to max level.


I’d rather have elite char tokens as well. Have nearly 200k 5* tokens with no intentions of opening them until the wheel improves.

Elite tokens can fund my quest for more Lori’s and its satisfying to do pulls for free, even if i dont get amazing stuff the rewards last for a minute rather than a second(as with 1 5* pull)


Need at least 40 elite fighter tokens to equal 10k 5 star tokens so we would get a guaranteed 5 star in the 40 pull. If it was 40 i wouldn’t oppose it as a replacement prize once in a while but not all the time.


Why do that when you have a chance at more than 1 5 star? I mean yes it gives you a guaranteed 5 star but having a less limited pull is what makes the game better imo as you can get good characters instead of 1 good or bad character.

In the end it is your decision and opinion, I’m just throwing my 2 cents in.

Horrible idea! OMG!

5* tokens all day

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Let’s be real here ppl saying no have no idea tbh sure get a 5 how about getting a fast 4 and making conner or red Lori and trying for her 5 star for 2 6s??? over a useless non makeble 6?

I get your idea but nothing annoys me more than receiving a 3* so I have to disagree.

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A chance at more than one 5*? In the almost 2 years I’ve been playing this game ive now only ever pulled 2 5*s from elite characters. And they’ve both been since the ‘40 pull’ rule. Perhaps you’ve had more luck than me and therefore look more kindly upon them.

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What does this mean?

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I did say a chance because you do have a chance, I’ve seen people do 5 pulls from it and get 2 or 3 (They were obviously very lucky) but there’s still a chance for it to happen.

Pull two useless 5s that will be most likely points for level then used for a 6. Or you can have fair bit of trys for them two try for 5 star fast connor and red lori 5 for her up coming 6. Say thats better then what useless shit got added too the 5 star wheel. From doing Ascendances

Unless we are getting 40+ elite tokens for first place I’d rather have the disappointment of another trash 5*

I wouldn’t object to that, but scopely won’t do it, as it would essentially be the same as giving you 1 5*, 10 4s and 29 3s. So most of the time 1st place would get a load of 3s and perhaps a 4 for grinding/spending for first place.

100% disagree, I would take 5* tokens all day everyday.
I need characters to ascend 5 * s to 6 * s.
3 * s and 4 * s are widely available, most are sold for SD points.

That’s why I said need to be 40 elite tokens for 10k 5 star tokens that way we are guaranteed at least 1 5 star plus all the other 4 stars we can ascend to 5 stars possibly getting lori or Connor and 3 stars we can sell for depot points to buy 5 star ascendables like gov. Not to mention we could pull more than 1 5 star in the 40 pulls. If it was done with 40 replacing 10k it would be worth it and a better prize.

I would just like to see more Elite character tokens available everywhere.

Make them available as a drop in regular world maps, put them in more abundance in special road maps (more than 1 at a time), add them in raid drops (even if it is only a very small drop rate).

They don’t have to be added into tournament reward structures. There are many ways that they could (SHOULD) add them in the game.


No it wouldn’t be :nauseated_face: SMFH

I said 40 not 0. 40 tokens guarantees a 5 star plus you get all the 4 stars you can sell for depot points to buy another 5 star including a ascendable such as glen or gov. Also with the 4 stars you could ascend them and possibly get another ascendable. So yes I think it would be a better prize than the 1% chance at a ascendable from 10k 5 star tokens. Nice edit of my comment to make it say something completely different though. Smh