Need more armory tokens

@GR.Scopely we need more avenues to get armory tokens. Where has the roadmap gone?


Massively this ^^^

And S-Class collectibles choice boxes

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Added to the wish list :santa:


The list is getting really really long !! hope the Santa you’re reading this list to isn’t deaf


Please fix your profile card, you are not in we are one :stuck_out_tongue:

Done! I forgot we added the . To look more sophisticated

I agree and the amounts they do scatter throughout the game are very low amounts

Yes but… Santa is Santa after all :stuck_out_tongue:

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If there was a Santa, scopley decision makers would get a lump of coal covered in reindeer turds and the player base would get a Christmas miracle (insert your personal choice for a miracle here)

There’s a whole week of SR and no raid tournament in sight. How are we supposed to get armory tokens exactly?

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Need balance 1st but I’ll probably discover the cure for cancer before that happens

Lol it totally does. I’m always getting comments about it

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