Need more 4* tokens


One of the ways we were supposed to get ascendance fodder was by ascending 4*, however we are not getting 4* at a fast enough rate for this to be a useful tool.

Let me be clear, WE DO NOT WANT 4* TOKENS OR PRESTIGE TOKENS AS TOURNAMENT REWARDS. That being said we need a better source of these tokens to aid in the ascendance process, maybe some hefty 2-8 hour scavenger missions that award 1k-2k tokens? Maybe a regular roadmap that awards large amounts?

This process is not ideal as it takes 3 million food and 400+ same persona survivors to fully level a 4* but many players like myself probably have a good stock of leveled 4* ready to ascend already.

As far as ascending 3*? 1.6 mil food and 200 same persona survivors, not a plausible solution.



Faction Territories is a great place to rack up on 4* tokens. That’s the main way I get them :sunglasses:



I’m stuck with 263,801 4* tokens. The struggle is real. Yes please add more Scopely.

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Don’t think that’s typical, guess you have 10+ ascended 6* then?



Only 5, I am a hoarder when it comes to tokens. but in all seriousness, scopely should make them more available for everyone.