Need medals fast please help Scopley

Please start giving out ascendable medals seem to be going through a dry spell atm and can’t do anything

Stop ascending useless toons?


You can buy some in the shop dude

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how else would we gain 2m+ per tier 4 6 with trainers

Whats the point of levelling up if you’re not going for top3?


doing just 3 tier 4s 6s to level 60 gets you top 3… 2m a toon

Right? The rewards are useless

building up toons take few soon

Screenshot_2019-10-14-17-26-51 past two level ups gone.

My gosh… they really want Priya or they’re really bored

ofc who does not want a toon one shotting them red teams

So i use 8 toons, gold and silver medals, to ascend a 6star. Then use Benedicts (forgot exactly how much) to get toon to t4, use a ton of gear, and wont use levelled up toon. And for what? A Benedict, a handful of 2/3 star trainers, 3 pieces of gear out of 6 to t4 toon, almost 3 5star toons… Meh… Hard pass for me. I have 6mil silver and 10k gold medals.

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Priya is ok lol

Just save until you can get the win. No point in finishing #4 after levelling up 15mil

I just go for the first part of milestones. Get the torches and one arena ticket and call it good. Save resources for either faction or when/if scope pulls head out of, well you know, and provides rewards that reflect they value my time as much as I do.

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