Need help with territory tactics


I’m a new at being a faction leader and trying to take and stack a territory is like herding cats. It doesn’t help that I have members that go rogue and take a territory because it’s weak. If someone could help with territory tactics and guides or walkthrough it would be VERY appreciated !




just stack one that benefits everyone in your group.

but when everyone decides to go for the weapon crit bonuses. Just place 1 group in each territory that way everyone can uses these once every hr.

Thats the best way to use the crit territories imo


My problem is I can’t seem to get all my members on the same page to stack on the same territory at the same time. Or is that always going to be an issue because of different time zones, and some people working, or doing other things?


You should ask them in LINE or KiK chat which ever of your choosing and see what everyone needs. AR % increase or building reduction speed, or increase item chance. go with that. My faction has one that increases AR chances. and we just coordinate times when we go for the weapon crit territories


Drop a flag down on the territory you want to take/stack then send a faction msg, should do the trick.


Is it best to pick a territory that is generally good and stack it and just stand pat and keep it?


Depends on what you want, you being the leader can make that call. The longer you stay put the more damage you take per attack so it’s a balancing act.


Say it’s a level up event you would want Northern or factory, it helps with the exp. if it’s survival road you would want cabin for level up experience. And for crafting you want the weapons one. Weapons only needs to be active once u start thto craft then you can let it go. It never does go easy but flagging and messaging people does help depending on the time of day, always get one rouge player that doesn’t listen. Once you had it for a while people can do 900dmg best to let it go. Normally after a level up event u tel everyone to take their teams out because if u keep it and another level comes up two days later someone can come and take it very easy


Stack territories that will help the current running tournament (solo level up 24/7) and send a message out telling everyone to place teams in that territory. You are still gonna have rogues and those you can address to the individual. Territory is as faction effort, not a solo.


A few approaches.

  1. Fixed rotation, set a Schedule that can meet your players needs during roadmaps, etc.

  2. Set targets for given event. Often works well coupled with above.

  3. Allow chaos to rule, have players ask for help before attacking (set up event specific chat) and work together to take and hold.

Honestly we use a mix of all three as activity is up and down depending in the mishappenings of scopely. Just keep expectations clear and let players know when they are over reaching. No use grabbing things and immediately losing them. But you allso have to allow some flexibility so your not always required to keep things going, otherwise you will drive yourself mad and frustration will build.