Need help with ranged atk team please. Not a troll post I just need a roster gurus help

Anyone with attack leader skill with bonus AP on attacking.

I don’t think I have one of those, like Blue drea right?

Is this for attacking other ranged teams or melee teams?

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Wanderer lead, Hershel for Def down, Erika if you need revive heal, Lori for nuet and focus, and Lee or Garrett
You really need a ranged decap
Andrea would be the choice lead.
Also need sid for command. Start ascending blue 4*
You mean a ranged attack team correct not a team to attack ranged?

Preferably the Erika/shield combo

Green abe lead, marlon and rosie, green rick, green alpha, either shiva but id say kal, he is nice behind abe with the crit and give gaurdian and he can taunt and gives you some control

If you get that morgan ascended you can make a rainbow team agianst range.

Show any ascendables you have too

Only have aiko and Morgan as ascendables now

I’m also open to defense teams as well if y’all have any ideas on what a good setup would be.

man, i would possibly go… lee lead, erika, wanderer, lori, hersch. i would go all atk set mods. if not lee lead then wandy lead, same rest of the team. regardless, lori needs to be next ascended for focus for sure.

you did mean an attack team made of ranged toons right? not a team to use against ranged?

Yea a ranged atk team, so I should focus all atk mods for them?

if you go with lee lead, because he doesnt have an atk boost as lead skill, just hp/def and then ap when taking damage. if you dont add the atk boosts then your going to be going against toons that usually, set for def, have def/hp focused mods. the bonus atk will be needed. if you go with wanderer you should still go with mods that would round out the team well, i might do an hp set or def set depending on the toon but in top right do a atk vs green/red (im guessing you plan on taking this team in against reds/greens?)

Yes, reds/greens are main focus atm

So strange seeing so many really good toons but so many basic ones missing.

Some attack ideas:
Morgan lead, Marlon, Gator (impair clear and atk buff), Garrett to taunt shields/ control rushes, maybe Hershel for Focus and def down. - use buff/def down/ + Marlon AR to destroy Erika or other trouble toons. You could really use a stun clear toon like Joshua, Mira, Spencer, or Jessie to help deal with red heavy teams.

Wanderer lead, Lori (focus/buff/impair), Garrett, Zeke to clear impair, Aiko or Marlon for heavy damage.

3 keys - use buff/debuff heavy damage combo to kill revives quick.
Use focus + confuse/taunt/stun to disable shield, having all available is ideal but have at least 2 on a team to give you options
Try to have as much impair/ confuse/ taunt/stun as possible to control enemy AR. Guardian and Abs0 can help prevent AR gain too.

Add-on - always try to have stun & impair clear toons against range bc they will be red/blue (stun/impair) windowless typically, probably see Magna with occasional Ajax shields

Hope this helps

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Additional note - may be better to sub Erika for Zeke on that range team, she clears impair and revives so you’re not as squishy

This is outstanding thank you

Lol medals are around in events all the time. A command is one key to getting rushes off earlier and ending the fight before enemies rushes go off.

Nice promo teams.

Defense - you have some very good options.

Garrett lead, Magna, Jesus, Ty, - Wildcard -
Erika bc they probably will come green/ yellow
Hunter but he’s not great on defense and needs buff mods+resist
Marlon - in case they come packing 5* you can maybe throw a wrench in that real quick

Carl lead, Koa, Jesus, Ty, Wildcard
Kal - throw up guardians and general pain with taunt
Marlon - add some bite and also slow down 5* teams
Erika - likely not bringing blues vs Carl lead surprise
Shiva - only if you have stun paw, just bc can disrupt

Zeke lead, double Erika, Magna, Jesus - that could be a real bear for some. Could swap out 1 Erika for Hershel

Keys - make sure to properly buff and put resist mods on your shields- taunt/ confuse/stun. IMO Koa & Jesus benefits most from stun/ confuse and Magna either confuse/ taunt for range tank setups or stun/ confuse if you go blue/ yellow

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