Need help with range team



I am having a hard time making attack range team. My thoughts are r maribelle b barker r Lori b hunter r Andrea. But my teammates say spend the gear and food and go with r Richard that he hits hard and since most teams use shields he can focus and kill revives better then Andrea. Thoughts. I been waiting for a blue ty in supply depot for months now no luck always skylar Andrea gov or mark thinking they removed ty from the supply depot


richard hits harder, but his focus is worse than andrea’s. id probably drop hunter since he isnt really designed for attack teams.

Mira, blue Barker, richard, Lori, Red Andrea

Other characters in Depo u should pick up are:

Andrea “A Larger World”
The Governor “The Calm Before”

Those 2 will greatly improve your offense.


I have fully maxed Lori and was wondering if I need to get depo’s Gov at all. He kicks harder but only one target and gives no buffs.

I run Mira, Lori, Lucas, Ty and red Andrea right now. I have some red hard hitters to ascend (Richard and Jesus) and some healers (Rosita and league Zeke) but really see no reason to add them to the team. Same as with getting Gov.

What do you guys think?


Richard isnt that good


Richard is good. Pair him with a debuffer like wanderer and he will kill two with his rush. I like using this for killing any off trait toons


Nuet gov is op, one of the best F2P toons out there. his rush impairs 3 ppl (usually 2 since the 3rd dies XD) for 2 turns. you should drop lucas, and red andrea for Jesus and Nuet Gov. high dmg to 1 is better than minimal dmg to many.


Hey rhaast. So I have this on my bench. I didn really think blue Andrea was good since I have a mirabelle I am so sad I passed over gov in supply depot two weeks row as my old guild mates said Richards was better and save my points for tyreese Grrrrr


Blue andrea is the best ranged attack lead imo.

Huge bonus from her lead skill + huge bonus on your wep allows you to use your rushes on turn 3, rather than turn 4.


S9 good team for F2P


wtf…thats not what i thought i sent…hmm…oh well…s9 ftp melee