Need help with Mercer build

What mods should i go wit on my Mercer

As a lead, or a team member?
Mercer gives no lead bonus, so is pretty weak and relies on the T1 stun disruption to gain the upper hand.

As such, if you use him as lead, better make him supper aggressive and hope it works - atk set, atk against red (and blue), AP drain or atk when taunted and resist of choice (stun or confuse).

If you use him as member, make sure to capitalize on leader bonus - (if def, then def against yellow for example, if you want him in a defense team)…

Both. I need a build for war and raid defense

Well, it’s not going to be a single Mercer, right?

For defense, I assume a T1 rush team under Mercer lead would be best, so you can ignore any def perks for Mercer and go with Atk, Atk against red/blue, resist (stun or confuse), ap drain (or atk when taunted/impaired) - same mods for offense…

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