Need help with laopo please

I got very very lucky and got him with tapjoy coins offer. Hes fully maxed. Can someone help how to use him? Lol what’s the best way to use him and all that good stuff

Do you have fast Yumiko or another toon that gives Ap to others? If so, pair her with Camila as leader and a huge or at least very large Ap on attack to make sure she AR turn 3.
Only use her AS when playing against a Doc. You want that AR going off ASAP. As soon as it has you’ve practically won.
She doesn’t need to do damage so rack up on def or hp mods. Give her a stun and/or impair resist too. For bottom right a graze would probably be best but if not, Ap down is always a good call.

Think in def, behind stun and impair shields, throw a command in there and with a melee revive like Lydia. Maybe add a payback with it as well if you have.
While attacking, take a huge ap on attack lead with her. Burn or bleed teams would be nice. Exhausted and burning bleeding to death, like some of us buckets.

How Many Times I have to say this . She’s a female with flat ##### you know

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