Need help with game downloading


I have a friend who since the update can’t play the game properly, every time near enough he logs in it asks him to download 200mb he doesn’t have access to Wi-fi a lot because of his job and it takes over 9 hours to download, could anyone help? Is there a way to resolve this?


Tell him to go to a McDonald’s and use their free Wi-Fi, or maybe a library. Not trying to be funny or troll, I am being dead serious.


He said he’s tried that! Maybe it’s something with the update it’s been happening since then, he might just have to wait for the new update =\


He might have an app that clears the cache as suggested. But this has happened before. Is he beta or public version? Try moving the app to internal storage or to SD card. And again make sure not to run any app that cleans data that might wipe the cache. Or most extreme case go to file manager, local disk/external memory depending where it’s stored. Then go to android, click on and look for com.scopley.headshot copy the folder onto your SD card in a new folder. If ever it does that again copy the contents of the com.scopely.headshot back where you originally got it. That should save the data costs and download time


I have the same problem when my internet connection is slow - the update times out and restarts over and over. It should take a few minutes to download the update.

Find a faster connection as suggested above - McDo or any place with a faster connection.