Need Help with Characters


These are the only 6 five-star characters I have, and I have very limited amount of gears. Is any of these characters worth maxing out?



Stevens for use

Andrea for 6* future

Rest can burn in the ascendance monument

Note b4 the salty people get here: leveling droppers up is really not necessary


Actually I kind of need the 5* Annie for farming, so I’ll probably keep her around until I get other medium-drop characters.

Andrea with 800% attack is already impressive, what’s the 6* Andrea like?


So true these days. Who has extra energy to farm the world map anymore with all the special roadmaps and the daily gear map?

Scopely could fix this if they would just allow us to assign the “helper” toon to the faction. This needs to be in an update…soon.

Why would you ever get rid of Tripp? Who’s a better healer than him? He’s useless in war and raids now but still one of the best for survival road.


Tripp is fantastic for doing survival road. One of the best if not the best healer in the game. He removes all negative statuses and heals.

Andrea was one of the strongest toons in the game for quite a while. If they ever decide to make her a 6-star lets hope they keep her badass.


I think that Doc Stevens and Tripp will do wonders for you in Survival Road. If you are going up against people that are you team level then Tripp will be a solid choice.

Wars will be a bit of suck as matchmaking isnt always the best and you can’t choose what faction you want to fight.


Hi, what about farming toon? Annie is the only one I have with medium drop rate.

Which toon do you guys usually use?



I use red shane for my drop lead every time. I actually do not remember the last time I did a stage without one.


If you have stable resource gaining you can max them all (except michonne she can’t be maxed without spending). Currently meta is oriented that none of these are worth having in team, 6* are running trough 5s like pencil trough paper. Orient your play on getting any ascendable toons and build around them - it will consume time and you will loose a lot of raids but no other way to catch up. For now you can max 4 * and put other 4s into blue toons ascension, since you can possibly get siddiq like that (it will be time consuming too).


Tripp hands down overall best healer , just use him for SR , I actually still use him for wars too haha , Zeke is a medium drop toon which is always good to have , doc Stevens is still ok too outside of Wars.

But the one I would definitely NOT get rid of is Tripp still works for me and since this is what you got right now stick with them



Stevens, Tripp, and Andrea are the best toons you’ve got there. Stevens is a great healer, Tripp is one of the best healers in the game, and Andrea is a one shot kill against most 5 stars. However, if you pair Andrea with zeek’s rush, she can also 1 shot 6 stars. Annie and zeek are good farmers but not very useful besides that. Michonne is just a trophy character, and you can only level her up with items from gaining a prestige rank, so she’s a long term investment. I’d recommend you play a lot of survival road to try and get any one of the toons in there (they’re all great)


Andrea 6* be like: deal 800% damage to 5 enemies



Richard ranged, Ezekiel melee.


I have ~10 x 6* toons, and I still use Tripp in my main war/raid team. He recovers everything and he heals. He also makes for a tanky 5* leader, which may be of some value to you. Awesome toon, and my top pick of what you have.


Woah, people here on this new forum are so nice and helpful.

Thanks guys.


Max em all out when you can even if you won’t use them. They give loads of points for level up tournaments. That being said, Stevens, Tripp and Andrea are deffo keepers. Stevens is a great melee leader and Tripp works well for ranged. Andrea is a beast. I would even stick Zeke under Stevens and see how he fares.


Stevens and Ezekiel seem like a good place to start. Very large bonus to AP when attacking and being attack could set off Zeke and Stevens’ rush quickly. Zeke’s massive 80% increase to def and 40% to attack plus Stevens’ heal-over-time and AP gain would be a huge advantage by making your toons harder to deal with. Figure you get some AOE attackers and defense debuffer to finish a match as quickly as possible.