Need help with Amazon Kindle



I am playing on a Kindle and the box to link account is greyed out, I try to push to sign in and it does nothing same goes crown symbol above sign in.
I can play etc… I took s screenshot of my account code in case of trouble… I am afraid of something were to happen to my device, I would loose my toon since I have not created a way to log on.
What do I need to do to prevent any future grief and protect my account?


Did you try linking your account to your facebook? In the games options if you haven’t u can link your Data.


It won’t let me link account, now if I were to log into my phone it lets me there. I believe this a bug relating to kindle device


That’s odd. When they sent us the Amazon build for review I recall this functionality working. Do you have the Facebook app installed on your Kindle? Sometimes having the app and/or logging in via the, I want to say Silk(?), phone browser might work as well. We’ve reached out about a few kindle related issues and haven’t heard back yet. Will let you know if I hear more =)


I’ve had the same issue. Had to give scopely my account code and they put the account back onto my phone


I do have the app installed. I also have the Facebook linked to my kindle.


That image above shows how it’s greyed out


That’s what it looks like when you are on an account already linked to facebook.

Same as mine above.


@Lockdown Is correct. Based on the Provided Screenshot you are already linked to Facebook.


Okay I will add to this since it looks like it’s already linked to Facebook I’m hoping for your sake that it’s your Facebook and you can check it by logging into your Facebook and going into settings or options or something and looking at the apps that are attached there’s other post here talking about it.
But if your Facebook isn’t showing any Walking Dead attachments you better get back to support


Damn I was messaged that if it’s not your Facebook attached to it support won’t tell you what Facebook account is attached to it good luck.
You may have to go through the receipt thing


I found out that it is attached to my Facebook account. I never set it intentionally, so I can only assume that because my kindle is linked on its own this app somehow did it because of how kindle was. Using my phone and linking it via Facebook to verify was a scary moment of do I push this button or not since I have a lot invested on the Kindle. Lucky it was linked everything is a ok, and I can go forward with the peace of mind knowing that my account is linked


Glad it’s all resolved =)