Need help ! with account urgent

Hey need help I used to play on my iPhone 4 which is now not working due to the last update it’s obsolete so I need to change my account over to another device, problem is that there’s another game loaded on said device and was wondering if someone could help me change it on your end as I’m missing out on the Christmas events

Thanks :pray:

If it makes you feel better you aren’t really missing much with this event.

If you have the account code, backed up with Facebook, and a receipt of purchases made in-game, you should be able to switch to another device.

I don’t have any of those can’t get onto the game to get it the code basically I can’t do a thing I don’t know what email I used for that account but I just don’t wanna lose all my progress I nearly have a s4 team rating

Trustable I’m sure I’m not but it’s like having a itch you can’t reach I gotta play :joy::joy:

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Recent purchase history should be enough. I’m game name, level etc too. Region obviously as well. Faction etc

It sounds like you did link a FB account to the original account.

I think there is a spot on the actual account page that would let you know if it is linked.

Since it also sounds like there is already an active account on the device you want to switch to you should be able to delete the app and related data files from the new device.
Then just reinstall, get to the point to link a FB account, and recover it that way.

Lots of assumptions on my part.

Thanks mate it’ll try that

Still haven’t heard a thing off s poly or anybody who can help me