Need help which 5 star will help on attk and defense

So I have 4 melees I use on attk and defend. Need help which 5 star melee would benefit on either one. I have no Abs def. So here they are. My mains 6 stars are maggie, wyatt, carl, shiva. So just wanted to know who will fit for that last spot.

my thoughts are the only one even remotely viable anymore is michonne. I would definitely start working on trying for abs defense for her though.

Even though i think having 2 tanks is redundant.

michonne is all ya got there…ab0 weapon…or find rts4 michonne and impair weapon

Yeah failed 6 times now

What about for attacking?

ive failed 34 times…tryng again in 11 hours

michonne also

Oh my…so rough

No abs def? Try Lee/Darlene for def and Darlene/Carrie for attack. Keep in mind they will die turn 1 to mira teams if your team is on the defense.

It took me 42 attempts at abs defense. No i don’t even use that weapon. 27 attempts at a stun sword… also unused. i just used all of my 125 level dt and pk for stun gun plus about 3 weeks of weapons part maps and the odd sr reward… i think i logged about 32 attempts before it showed up. my luck with earl is bad. just keep trying it will happen…

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