Need help understanding toons


How to tell if your toons are good or not i.e like when says normal or fast , and very fast not sure which way to go need help please


The “Speed” of which they gain Adrenaline means how much they will need to attack or be attacked to gain Adrenaline Points and fill their Adrenaline Bar completely so they can use it.

For instance, Normal means that, as it implies, a character will take a normal amount of turns to completely fill their Adrenaline bar.

Fast means a short time to use your Adrenaline (Usually three turns)

Very Fast means an extremely short amount of turns needed to have the Adrenaline bar full. (Two turns, in rare occasions, One turn.)

There is now lower than Very Fast. Very fast usually means 45 AP needed to use Adrenaline Rush, but there are characters that have 44 AP for their total Adrenaline amount at max level, like Beth.

Characters that have 44 AP as a total amount of Adrenaline can use their rush in two turns if they have a Huge Bonus To AP when Attacking on both Weapon and Leader Skill.


Just trying to understand and build a team


Its not just about speed of rush (It helps but…) it also depends on What the rush does, ia it easily negated, what are the toons stats, is it a specialist, whos the team lead and what benefits do they give, etc.

Example, Tripp at 56 ar is almost never a turn 2 toon because there exists no Huge Ap on Attack leader skill for ranged toons. His rush is still wonderful though, being a full debuff removal. OP rushes, like Double Slice Michonne and 5 turn impair going off every second turn, or Priya, or 6* Shiva. All do good damage but the Secondary Effects really make them Great.

Specialist skills like Decapitate, esp on big attackers like 6* Ty, make him choice even with a slower than average for 6 star because when he lands the killing blow they Stay Down.

Its about synergy, effect, and proper building, weapons, and placement. Its something easier Shown through Line and Experimentation than simple explanation.


I guess it’s just trial and error then


An example of a bad toon mix would probably be Caroline. Too slow during her heyday to heal her team at 76 AR, her skill was Parting Shot which only ever worked if the rest of your team softened the opponent to land a killing blow, and her stats were at best Average.

Gator, the laughing stock, has a slow rush, his Walker ability only hid 3 toons compared to Original Green Michonnes full team coverage, and some piss ass stat lines. Regarded as SD or Ascend fodder until his 6* was announced as TBD


Not always, aome facs will have mentors who know how the Reach out and ask.


Thanx I’ll ask but feels like I’m beating my head against the wall


Regardless of how much fast a Character can build up Adrenaline to Rush, remember that Leaders with AP Bonus as their Leader Skill and Weapons with AP Bonus contributes a lot.

A Character that has a slow but strong Adrenaline Damage, if paired with weapons and Leaders with Adrenaline Points bonus, can be a devastating combination to any kind of enemy.


See that’s why I asked this question because I understand a little off what you have said . Just trying to be better


Doesn’t the game explain well enough?

Jesus, do players have to do Scopely’s job, which is to teach players how to understand the game?


Well I was just trying to get a better understanding really and maybe learn something but it’s ok I’ll try and figure it out one day thanks for the advice


Ive allways loved fast toons, and i guess your meta is more evolved around 4 and 5*s. I recommend going for a team based on simple rules.

A leader that buffs all or most of the team members. A neutralize and a command toon should be included.

Ive allways loved speed when raiding, so having a team where you can command 2 or 3 different toons turn 2 depending on your needs is highly recommended.

Also focus on your weapons, if you have a toon you think you will have for some time, make a weapon specific for him.


The very slow/ slow/ normal/ fast/ very fast/ part is usually next to a number (like 58AP). The number determines how quickly a character can perform an adrenaline rush. Fast rushes are good, as it allows the player to use a special type of move sooner rather than later. Check out the description to see what it does.

The important part is the level (which is just above the recharge rate, something like 2/10) and you can raise it a number of times. It will help in the future because a higher number there = quicker rushes = more special attacks/ heals/ buffs. You raise adrenaline by levelling up using survivors and some food. Only use characters that are highlighted green because that means there’s a chance that the AR will go up too. Using characters that are not green will still raise a characters level but it won’t do anything for the rush.

Keep a lock on important characters so you don’t accidentally use them during levelling. The lock is on the top left corner. Good luck!


How was I supposed to know I am new here and just trying to pick up some info


Oh dear, do I smell trolling?


I’m not going to take the bait of you feeling like a big man over this fourm and to set the record for you my friend I’m no kid haven’t been one In a long time so before you start spouting false accusations like you just did I think you should get facts first to support your claims

I understand it’s big for you to be a keyboard worrier but I’m not I’m here to pick up some info so please think before you post next time


So you learned everything about the game from just playing it? You never benefitted from the experience of more seasoned players? I know I sure did. Still do just about every day


I’m not saying I did. My only intention in this thread was to help the guy out. Nothing more =T


I would recommend asking some top players if they would be willing to help you, then send them screenshots of your roster. My faction (and several others) have line groups just for team building. It really helps a lot. Even us vets need fresh eyes from time to time. :wink: