Need help to make attack and defence teams

Try, blue andrea lead. Christa(level her up), regina, julie and ajax

First defense, try erika lead, eric, ajax or magna, kapoor(level him up) and hershal

Assuming you have stun and impair weapons for them

Guo Lead, Christa, Kapoor, Regina and Erika for ranged attack.
Green Mirabelle lead, Marlon, Lydia, Michonne and Chris, for melee attack. After Doc is maxed, swap Marlon for him.
Andrea shield lead, Violet, yellow Zeke, Koa and Lydia for melee defense.
Blue Lee lead, Erika, command Siddiq, Kapoor and Eric for ranged defense. You could also go for a mixed defense with Lydia lead, Eric, Magna, shield Andrea and Doc as soon as he’s maxed. Or, Eric lead, Koa, Violet, Magna and Tobin.

Damn could of made a killer James defence team and attack team :pensive:

here’s one of my new teams it’s 10++ NEED better weapons

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For attack:
Andrea Lead for rainbow and shield. Michonne and Christa as your heavy hitters. Doc and Guo for Ap generation so the other 2 can AR turn 2.
Guo should be ARing turn 3 for even more damage. Michonne’s AS helps deal with Shields, but you shouldn’t really need it with that much AP avaliable turn 2.
Should be a team that can end raids quickly.

Edit: Highly advise S classing that Guo asap.

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