Need help to build teams!

Hi there, I do play since a long time but somehow I get the feeling I no longer make progress. Probably because I am unable to build a strong team. It would be awesome if you could suggest to me a few ideas for a melee (def/att) and ranged (def/att) teams. Thanks a lot!

vs Melee: Andrea, Wandy/Magna, Mirabelle, Lori, Gov (Take magna if they are running counter attack)
vs ranged: Andrea, spencer, Tyreese, Lori, Aiko
Vs Lydia: Green Abe, Viktor, Kal, Eugene, Javi

Eugene Def: Eugene, Magna, Connie, Shiva, Kal
Ranged Def: Zeke, Magna, Mirabelle, Alpha, Rosita

Great info! Thanks for the help, very much appreciated.