Need help switching devices

Need help switching devices can a member of supply please message me or reply back thank you

Are you going iOS to iOS?

If you are, backup using iTunes, I literally did it the other day. I backed up my old device to iTunes, and used that backup on my new device. Didn’t have to re-link account or anything.

No it will be from iOS to android if that’s possible but if not I’ll get another iOS device

Oh bugger. I have no idea then. I’m an iOS user hahaha. Never used an android.

But, I think the only way you can get your game from iOS to android is by going to in-game Support and explaining your situation and give them your account code (so from android phone)

Thanks a lot scream queen I’ll do just that you’ve been wonderful :kissing_heart::upside_down_face:

More than welcome. It’s something to do with build differences for iOS and Androids, so you have to get in game support to help.

You just need your acc code, latest couple of purchases made (will be iTunes receipts) and possibly your level, prestige level etc, to prove that the account is yours.

May take a few hours, or days, but Support will help.

Okay thank you I can find myself and it’s just sad :sob:

I’ve already messaged them hopefully they’ll get back to me soon as possible

Love the raids rank hahaha 666 :joy::joy:

Haha didn’t notice wee all have a lil devil in us :wink: