Need help restoring an account


Phone software crashed and had to be refurbished. Lost my whole game. I don’t use Facebook so it wasn’t linked…any options?


Hopefully you bought something from the game, and wrote down your account code. If not, then idk.


you can start new and with a screenshot of a payment bill contact support over that new account and they will transfer it.


P. S.

That was a sign from the Gods that you should probably quit the game. That’s why your phone broke, but who are they to tell you what to do? Lol


I had this same issue when I dropped my phone on concrete and my facebook account was disabled @Gallagherze .
Just contact support and be nice about it, and just tell them what your game name is at the time you last logged in, the name of the faction you are in. and appleID/GooglePlay email that is linked to your actual game account and if you have made in-game purchases. be sure to show them a couple of those with that appleID/googlePlay account listed on those purchases.

You will have your account back within that day, but be nice about it like I did and you’ll have it back within an hour.


I have my account code…lucky enough I was taking screen shots of everything when I first started. Found that on my MSD

Play old account on new device phone

Well then you can just give them that and you are good!!!


they will ask for receipt for purchases aswell i guess.
Hope you made an ingame purchase.


i have a same problem , so where i can fing contact support , i want send my accound code…


With your new device you ave to re-install the game then head to settings then click support then in the top right of support go to contact us and then plea your case to them about recovering your account with your account code. They should be able to take it from there


so , on old device , i just uninstall that game , then install game on new device used , oke i try it now…


keep it installed on your old device and just screen shot your account code. that way you can just give them that as proof its your account. then after you have your account recovered on the new device you can un-install the game off your old device.

Just a simpler way to recover your account faster if your Facebook is disabled or account is locked.


oh oke thank , very helpful , but in new device , i was sign in with new accout facebook and email , its oke if i still used ur solution ?


i click support , then NO FAQ FOUND , what happen…


there will not be an FAQ about account recovery cause they want you to link your account Facebook. If you can still use your link with Facebook to your account then you do not need to use any of the information that I have said. My case was that my Facebook account has been disabled and I had my game account linked to my Facebook, but since Facebook disabled my account. I had to use the steps listed above on how to recover my account.


but i cant find faq / contact on my new device


All you are trying to do is contact support by going to the “contact us” at the top right of the screen.


i cant see that contact us , did you have line ? , i want send a video , you can checked.


Here dude I went in steps. Just get into the game. Goto options then

Then after you click support the screen should look like this

After that tell support you need to recover your account and that you have your account code.


when i click support , there not any contact us , just any NO FAQs , what should i do TT