Need help putting a new team together



Would this work? If so what mods should I use? Thanks :grinning:


Would work yeah. Do you have pics of other ascendables/6 stars on your roster?


Depends, are you using that team for attack or defence? Also I recommend getting Romanov ascended asap.


I usually attack and defend with the same team lol. But thanks I’m gonna start working on him asap


Alright well Gov seems to have low health plus he’s better alive, so I recommend some HP mods on him. Both Shiva’s look fine, give Mira some HP mods when ascended, and maybe some attack mods on Garrett when ascended.


Actually no, I would put that other Gov on that team instead of Mira for now


Thanks for the help… I’m gonna change the mods and do that rn. Thank you


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