Need help please!

Hi guys (and girls), i tried so many DEFENSE team with any good result… i am clueless. Maybe you could help me.

Here my 6* toons:

Carl T4 max
Carl T3 max
Glenn T3 max
Bruce T3 max
Shiva T3 max
Dante T3 max

Maggie T3 max
Negan T3 max
Negan T3 max

Shane T3 max
Tyreese T4 max
Tyreese T3 max
Dwight T3 max
Yumiko T3 max

I have ALSO 2x 5* yellow Michonne Shield T4 max

I put the blue toons if you suggest me to use Dante as leader instead of Carl

Thank you for your help because i’m about to throw my tablet in the wall

So is this about trying to get defends? Minus well prep a pillow on that wall you are about to throw your tablet at.

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Its only half about the characters. Weapons play a huge part

Carl lead, Bruce, Shiva, Glenn, Dante all with stun weapons

Shiva should have at least a medium boost when attacking if you want her to rush early. She can be commanded by Glenn on round 2

Glenn should be tanky, might consider -AP for him and Dante, but since that’s the least threatening of the 4 unsafe weapons, I feel stun is a better chance to disrupt the attacking team. You might even be able to get away with a defense buff as the 3rd slot since Glenn is least likely to use a basic attack and very likely to be a target for confusion

Dante should be as tanky as you can make him, he’s your anchor.

Give Bruce something high in attack and crit, since his defense and hp will be boosted by Carl

Assume Glenn won’t rush and focus on attack for Carl and Shiva so their rushes have a higher chance of getting kills, let Dante handle defense.

However, if you want to try for a less tanky Glenn, give him a very large or better boost so he can rush round 3, assuming he never commands.

Could also try Dante with your two Tys, Shiva and Glenn, except the leader skill changes the weapons you’d want to use, which is difficult for Shiva. Can sub Bruce for Shiva, just be sure Bruce has a stun crit weapon so he causes the most disruption possible

Extra health all around to stack with the lead skill for survivability, attack focused double tap weapons for the Tys, defense and health for Glenn and Dante

Remember you only need a single very large boost when attacking to make a 76 rush early.

Do you have a shield michonne with AD or guardian Zeke?

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i HAVE Shield Michonne with AD

i DON’T have guardian Zeke

Shield Mich instead of Bruce could work for the Carl team. Bruce is excellent, but the AI is not likely to use him to his full potential

She’ll be vulnerable to Shiva, but Shiva doesn’t decapitate, so Dante could bring her back. Also vulnerable to Bruce, but there’s not much we can do about Bruce on offense, and he’s luckily not nearly as common as Shiva

AD, health and defense, unleveled rush for your Michonne

I would not use Bruce on defense, unless your region is VERY melee heavy. He is very weak and you need him to have crit weapons so he is actually useful. I would like to see your Reds. I am a believer that the ranged teams have an advantage over melee right now

Erika T4 max
Mirabelle T4 max
Joshua T3 max

Maggie in place of Bruce.

But still won’t defend. Best you can do is slow. Top Players down.