Need help on deciding Who should I ascend next


My already ascended toon -


First round of ascencions(ranged options)- either Mirabelle or Spencer first, then Tyreese, then Lori, then Sophia, then Yumiko.

Second round(melee option)- Carl, then Javier, then Maggie, then Gator.


Sophia. But hard to judge without knowing who you already have ascended


These are my already ascended toons


Definitely Sophia


I not think he needs a 4th spencer my guy…


I can tell! I just worked with what he gave me, which was a handful of ascendables, no legendaries included. So, no kidding.


Sophia, I stand by that




Yumiko imo


Hands down…Lori. Her an gov paired are devastators with neutralizes. An debuffs.

Honestly in wondering where your eugene is at. The free one that everyone got. With your current roster…hed be best.

Carl defence lead is still great.

Aswell as are you asking us for who you should ascend for your O or D team. Vague question. Are you goin melee or ranged?

You also have more leaders then specialists. Where you stand. I suggest melee based on your current 6* ratio of leaders to specialist.


Pretty much who is better, a p2p character or a f2p character


Still trying to decide that don’t know what would be best with my roster. I’m still a noob. Lol


Not everyone got that Eugene. That was the one given to people who either paid or used a lot of their raid refills correct?


Yeah that’s why I didn’t get it


I forget honestly


Had to waste more than 30 refills to get mine.


Spencer should be your next ascendance, obviously.


Did you get the free ascendable 5* from achievements? If you didnt get toyota. You appear to be missing a solid healer

Not toyota. Rosita…lul


Didn’t know they added cars lol