Need help on a def team

Need help what i have

Red Ezekiel lead / yellow ekeziel shiva force / siddiq command / red Mirabelle / green solange

Thanks tired getting my butt kick lol

Might try Garette lead, tyrese, siddiq, Tara and yellow zeke

Thank green or bluevl garrett

Blue. With the yellow/Blue perks

Thank ill try them out

Carley lead, tyreese, kal, solange, cmd glenn

That’s no good! Solange doesn’t get any leader boost as she’s melee…

Try Eugene lead, green Glenn, yellow Zeke, yellow Tyreese and Solange. It should give some headaches, because of the command from Glenn, revive from Tyreese and Solange, double guardian shield and taunts/confuse.

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