Need help making some teams

Ive looked everywhere for some kind of guide on team building but can’t find one. Would love some help with what I have or even general overview of team building. What makes a good leader? Any help whatsoever would be GREATLY appreciated.

Well I think the one that stands our for me is the sweet Walker Destroying team here

Kenny Lead - He gives a crit bonus to all ranged toons ( Red and Blue)
Priya - Her rush can head shot 3 walkers
Dave x 2 for the double attack and then they can lacerate each others damage
Mia - Put a +30 crit weapon in her hands, and she can act as a reviver, in case things go down.

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Are you asking for help on attack or defence? Also how long have you been playing/how old is your region? How old are the regions you war with? All important questions when brainstorming teams.

Angel lead on def team

Erin on attack.

Given you have only few sclass an multi 6s take it you relatively new? No offence meant by that by the way. What level are you at an type of teams you face in raid/war

Focus on attack first maybe Erin lead, Chris an Kapoor Ivana an Mia. Make sure mod em out so hit harder…

Also weapons? As they just as important.

Edit: keep working on prya as sclass will help…

You’ve got Dr S and Zander so have makings of sound teams for you.

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I’ve played on and off for years but never got that into it. Now that the s classes are out I am trying to figure it out. No offense taken at all.

I don’t know much about weapon crafting but was researching that next.

This is what I have for fractions. Not sure really. Just joined an available one.

Thank you for your help!!

Thank you!!

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I need help w both. I’m pretty lost when it comes to team building.

How do u tell how old a fraction it?

I’ve posted below the fraction I’m in/region.

I’ve played off and on but now I’m trying to really get into it and learn more.

Raids I always get killed.

Last one was rank 520 w 6000 trophies. But I assume that is bc I don’t know how to make a good team

You have got some not bad free 2 play toys in there - I reckon Angel was the best of the gold bar toons - I am not above using her in an attack as well as a def team, because of her exhaust damage that she does, she is good against Doc Stevens teams, but if you come up against James and Marlon + Rosie a lot - she is extremely effective against them as well. As well as being able to put a bit of hurt on Pete and Princess.

I made the mistake of writing Erin of as crud - but my opinon has really turned around recently, on of my fac mates has upgraded her damage output, and she is a brute - she has a higher damage output than christa, and she packed with a lead skill.

Ivanova has to be your close combat leader here, she is good, develop her some more.

Denise - was a huge pest in the six star era, now not so much, you need to tank her a bit with def mods, her healing rush is good, and her revive is handy on Survival road, but it is to slow for raids.

Hershel - I like him, he is a funny toon, he doesn’t do anything really well, he doesn’t heal much or do much damage, but he isnt rubbish either, he is the every-man character, does what he does and gets things done. Again though you need to get some mods on him to boost that hp or Def stat.

I used Lori for a long time, she is retired as far as my roster is concerned, she gets a run on SR from time to time, I just always like using her on attack for her Neutralize skill, it was often that one attack she made that was the deference in stopping the other team from rushing and taking me out.

I still use Magna to this day, but I have a platinum reflect damage mod on her, she also has maxed out HP mods, and she is also equipped with a stun gun, that is the kind of lengths you need to go through with her to make her fearsome.

All your toons have a place, its just experimenting and finding the right combo’s, remember you can duel yourself, and duel your fac mates, and compare notes, its the best and cheapest way to learn.

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Erin is good, Ivanova is too. I’d choose one and lean toward building a team that works synergistically with them, either red/green or green/yellow. I think red is easier to build a decent f2p team with faster.

6 star Priya is probably a fine attack leader too.

Angel is good, but a bit niche. Decent def leader though until you get other options. And when you do she will still be useful against certain teams and situations

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Most of the current crop of s class leads have their niche and none of them are bad.

The question is really what leaders do you have, what toons do you have, which are you looking to add in future, what toons do you want to put together, and which leads can most effectively do that.

Try and put a good mixture of complimentary skills together. A good balance of damage, control and support skills.

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Seriously thank you for the advice. I’ll do some duels.

What makes a good leader is how he emphasizes the stats of your toons. For attack teams, you want huge AP gain and high atk boost (Priya for ranged, Ivanova for meele) - if you have toons that have high atk and weapons with high AP gain…

My first draft for you would be:

  • Atk: Ivanova lead (great if you could equip her with a stun/heal, 15/35 sword) Cameron Scarr, Doc Stevens, Aarav, Glenn (once you ascend him he is a great green commander)
  • Def: Angel (impair on defense, should have high daze resist), Mia, Kapoor, Denise, Magna (best with stun/focus gun)

You couldn’t be far of getting s’class prya be less than 2,000 now so just level up the 2nd one u have. I wouldn’t waste trainers or ygl on the sclass toons you have for now not cus they are bad just they are already at level of use damage and attack wise. Prya prya prya game changer for you team set ups. Teams will start to build them self.

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