Need help improving my team


Hello all, been playing this game for about year, used to be ok player (was top 50 at some point) , but I seem to be getting worse and worse nowadays and can hardly kill or defend any raids or wars especially after region mashup.
Can someone help me with team building ?
Mostly I just had same team for deff and attack, current team:
Mirabelle RTS lead
Abraham RTS
Siddiq RTS
Lori RTS
Sidiqq RTS

It sometimes defends some teams, but most of time it fails, team is rated as S9 for now.

So this is what I have (Some chars are still ascendable, but lets assume, i ascend them and level up)

Abraham RTS
Siddiq 2x
Sandy RTS
Rick RTP
Shiva RTS x2
Carl RTS
Rosita RTS
Andrea RTS

I have only few OK guns ;
One shiva have stun (no other stuff fot her yet)
Have one green stun defensive (for carl)
One red stun offiensive
1 abs def off + hp
1 yellow reflect hp + def
One blue attack + ap (def and of)
One green attack + hp + ap
one blue attack + hp + ap
one red attack + hp + ap

The rest is quite bad guns

Mods are decent, almost all chars have either stun or impair deff at least in main team, but I guess i can change up.


I’m assuming that’s green garret and not the blue one. Blue one is great if you have him.
Carl lead, shiva, shiva romanov, abraham

you can switch abraham and carl if you prefer a more attack based lead. I prefer carl because it helps keep my characters alive longer.

Team 1: Carl lead, shiva, shiva, maggie, aris
Team 2: Carl lead, shiva, shiva, maggie, erika
Team 3: Erika lead, lori, siddiq, rosita, ranged character of your choice.

Keep focusing on weapons. Level up and farm that thursday roadmap hard. There shouldn’t be any moments when you’re armory isn’t crafting. Weapons make or break a defense. And always give Erika the stun gun