Need help from random kind players


Long story short got locked in a dead faction before war started.

I would like to participate this war and hopefully get the 100k milestone, but to do that I need players, I currently have one random, and 2alts in this faction but that will be going up to 4 alts and my main fairly soon.

What I’m asking is for anyone with a spare minute create an alt in my region butts and join me here and occasionally signing up for war.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


How’d you get locked in a dead faction?


Assult farming, and leaving phone at home today, came back to an empty faction and me in it, as they forgot to kick and relied on everyone leaving


Note to self. Never forget your phone.


Oh yeh was a bad day, had to sit on the toilet like and old person today, that is prime gaming time


Im going to war 5 alts later and some random lovely people, thank you all


For all those who are interested i have played 2 wars so far, this included scoring my highest score ever in war

and as such am only 13k away from my final milestone, plus i have been able to rock 5* on my teams again bringing back some variety for me