Need help choosing S-class

thanks for any feedback!

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Needs more kenny


Do you have anymore leaders?

Carl, Mirabelle, etc?

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this is my main team, nope :frowning:

i have better places to spend my money

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If you have any leads inclined to range or specific traits like Alert then go for Christa if yours is inclined with melee and with a strong specific team go for James. For me I chose Christa since Alert teams are good with the right lead and with that AR paired with Waste Not is a good combo for quick finishes.


Kenny is f2p…


Kenny is good for walker stages.

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Christa will probably be of more use to you in the near future imo.


Get Christa she will change everything for you, tried James on another account and meh

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I would choose Christa, swap the Gov out for her, her trait advantage will deal with any greens you come up against that are a threat to your yellow teammates.

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what’s the best way to reliably get a Kenny? Isn’t he just in the Depot? I need him badly

Depo…5 star tokens…just about anywhere

ok but I have been playing this game since May and havent seen Kenny one single time in the Depot. Can you help me get a Kenny since you seem to be the Kenny master?

Kenny doesnt reveal when you want him…kenny only reveals when you need him.

i thought you were kenny master i guess not

I am…But it’s not like I can make a god apoear

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