Need help building ranged and melee attack and defence teams



I can max out toon if needed and would love weapon and mod suggestions


I used green eugene lead with ap down weapon, Dante with an ap down weapon Glenn ap down weapon, all with stun and crit on a crit lucille andi use hunter but I think carl will do just fine with an ap down weapon


Another team would be carl lead , dante, shield jesus Yvette and ezikiel

Shield jesus with absolute defence with 30% defence and 30% hp as as a shield doesn’t need an ap buff unless there i two of them.
Ezikiel need a precise kukri with 30% crit and defence with absolute defence.
All greens with ap down and 30% defence and other one is your personal choice
Same with Yvette just with absolute defence instead of ap down


carl princess dante jesus and yvette is what i would do


princess is not good behind a sheild.


Thanks for the incite, I’ll try all of these


For attacking range, blue Maggie lead, can build a rainbow team but i am building a blue and yellow team behind her to kill range teams. If you picked the new maggie for the pick your path event, then you can do Maggie lead, firestarter Maggie, Naya, Tyreese and Tara. If you picked John then use Yvette instead of firestarter Maggie.

For a normal range attack team use Andrea lead, Governor, Lori, Tyreese and Tara.

For melee attack team use Abe lead, Kal, Viktor, Glenn and Naya or Yvette or can use Anna.

For range defense use red Ezekiel lead, yellow Ezekiel, Erika, Yevette and can use Dev, Clem or red Andrea.

For melee defense use Carl lead, shield Jesus, yellow Ezekiel, Yvette, Glenn.

For a green/red defense team use Garret lead, Erika, red Ezekiel, Kal and Glenn

For a green/blue defense team use Dante lead, Eugene, Kal, Glenn, Solange but i would suggest getting Eric and using Eric lead, Kal, Glenn, Dante, Eugene.


How did you get AP down and Stun and Crit all on the same weapon :thinking::thinking::thinking:


Different weapons same abilities other than stun different weapon different ability


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