Need help building defense and attack teams

They are all my 5 and 6 stars all 5 stars are max level and tier but the 6 stars are all tier 3 lvl 80

For defense or attack?

use eugene on def. and javi on attack

Not a lot to go off of, really, but something like @Kylelevi said.
Team 1- Melee, Attack- Javier lead, Kate, Alpha, Eugene, Aris
Team 2- Defense- Eugene lead, Wyatt, Yumiko, Kate, Clem?
How’d you get them all to T3 when you only have 3 of 'em? I have like, 11, and only one is T4, 3 are T3 and the rest are stuck at Tier 2.

For now from the first team setup, swap gator and alpha so gator is lead instead.

so the lineup should be Gator, Alpha, Aris, Eugene, and kate.

If need more attack power swap either kate or aris in the setup. I try not to use the same trait on slots 2 & 3 and 4 & 5 groupings. For example putting a green in slots 4 and 5 makes them vulnerable to a line attack from a red.

Long term wise save up your supply depot points for Eric and possibly blue tyreese.

Distant future team setup would be…

Eric lead, Yumiko, Alpha, Eugene, and Aris

and if you decide to get blue tyreese, it’s a toss up of either replacing yumiko or aris. I’m leaning more torwards replacing yumiko over aris despite aris not benefiting from Eric’s leader skill.

Aris is an all around good toon to have ascended and she works in many setups.

Blue clem is a rainbow lead and since your just starting you will likely be using 5* for a bit.
Blue clem is a good attack lead
Javier is a good attack lead
you could Try javier, alpha, aris, kate, and maybe wyatt. Tbf you have very little to work with so you should focus mainly on attack until you have more options