Need help against Range teams


I’ve been playing a long time.

This is the worst I’ve struggled against a certain type since multiple Priyas…and even then I could figure ways around it…even if it was rng based…I still knew how to combat it to some success.

But Range…I don’t seem to stand a chance raiding.
And I’ve been struggling for months.

Teams especially with Erika as lead.
Even without as soon as one of there ARs go off I’ve lost half my team.

I’m currently using
L- Dwight, Siddeq, Joshua (for Stun remove), Shane, Sandy.

I’ve tried Erika and Mirabelle leads which I hate doing due to them been red but still no luck.

Have, Tyrease (AR low), Abe, Eziekel, Rick (AR low), Vincent (AR low), Barker, Yumiko, also in Blue and Yellow.

Tried for Garrett but it just isn’t happening,…

Can anyone help?
The Stun and impair fest has just destroyed me.
Yeah I need to get gud…but need advice to do so as I’ve tried all sorts of teams to no avail.
Glass cannon teams just aren’t working for me…and neither are teams built to last.

Edit: probably been really stubborn with myself as I’ve always used opposites to counter teams.
Used to use all one colour opposite against leader that was showing in 5* past as I had roster to cover that.
Trying to build up roster but can’t seem to get something in Blue nd Yelloq


I’m using 2x stun Mira, double attack Tyreese, Siddiq and Ezekiel (remove impair). I can beat almost any ranged team with it.


Get Tyreese’s AR up (good for alerts) and get a fast character’s ar up to deal with tough characters.


It sort of goes against everything I believe in with Types like I edited above.

I hate that I can’t use Blues and yellows…


I did that but with Dwight…

And Sandys good to go…

Tbh defence teams seem to go off before I can even get ARs going.
That’s even with using active skills to slow them down.

Seems that a good way maybe to use reds and stick stun weapons.
But this solution just makes me sad that I’d have to.
Personally I think weapons have become a joke.


What I do against any teams is I have 3 taunts, a confuse, and stun on my team to deal with any types of team. Usually works out.


Then use Dwight lead, Yumiko and Siddiq (maxed active skill), Tyreese and Ezekiel.


I’ll try.


I know you like to have a trait advantage over teams which I totally get which is why you should pull for winter Jesus or yellow six star one arm morgan for their leaderskill. Other then that I just would use a mirabelle lead with your range and fight :fire: with :fire:. Yeah you may lose a red due to trait advantage agasint you but try using huge ap when taking damage and ap when attacking weapon for mirabelle then use siddiq to command her the following round and should give u oppritnity to rush more since she stuns the team which basically neutralize there weapons.


If you are struggling I highly recommend going after stun attack weapons (if you aren’t pulling for premiers with disarm). Running 2-3 will almost certainly shut down a weapon / toon. By having 2-3 green, you won’t have reds ganging up on one toon, so they are more likely to survive.

Turn 2 you can recover those that were stunned with an active skill (joshua/Mirabell) build your rush and use Shiva active stun to shut down a command so you won’t get rushed.

Turn 3 you should be unloading rushes with control skills on your opponent and using actives as necessary to keep them from popping.

Simply goal is to shut down weapon, control your opponent, grind for the win. May be slow but I can run a carl/shiva/Glenn against any team and sure sometimes rng leaves a bad taste in my mouth, but success rate is high.


How bout rick lead (atk + ap boost to yellows), zeke (guardian 2 + recover impair), joshua (remove stun + chance to nullify revive with his ar), ty (impair, dmg), yumiko (confuse, dmg) if you really need to stick to the trait advantage theme.

And secure the yellow buff tower (if in war)


2 teams work for me pretty good.

Mirabelle with stun, red gov neut with stun, Ty, Tripp and Siddiq almost never fail against any ranged team.
The other
Carl, SR Zeke, guardian Zeke, Glenn and Shiva.
It’s harder because of the lack of a neut it still works great beat double Erika teams with 5 stun guns with this team so 2 nice options all f2p


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