Need for Ultra Rare Gear Prizes?

I just do not understand why Ultra Rare Gear is still a part of top prizes/milestones. In a bag, you get a chance to pull one, while on a daily basis, if energy is available, you get one of each. I just don’t understand the logic here.

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They way overvalue their gear, and they want you to PURCHASE the gear.

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What? 25 war cans equals 2 walkies?

Everyday people post here that they are running low on URG. Apperently, many people need more than what the daily roadmap provides.

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I would be much happier with it if it was a 6 pack of NVG… or belt with holster 6 pack… They seem to be giving me more Walkies and schooldbags which is what i dont need at all with how this gear map is.

At the very least, ultra rare gear is worth a ton of food from the gear depot. There are way worse prizes they could be giving out.