Need for a fixed (pinned) Thread/Category for ingame translation errors with moderator

As we can see, threads for translation errors came up repeately reporting same bugs. Mods tell they will be noted and fixed. But we get no feedback when fixed or which errors are reported or “noted”.

So my suggestion is to open fixed/pinned thread for every mainllanguage like german, russian and so on.

First Post should be made by an moderator where he tracks all known or reported translations bug with categorys and a simple template like this. Im from germany so i will show you some simple examples. errors and fixes should be bold

Thread: Translation Errors German
Armory/Weaponseffect (i thought they should be connected, but see details of short/long weapons description

Blue (Special) Weapon Effect (Defender 3)
english original: Bonus-Def: +35% when taking damage from enemies with more than 60% HP
german error: Bonus-Vert: +35% wenn man von Gegnern mit weniger als 60% HP angegriffen wird
german fixed: Bonus-Vert: +35% wenn man von Gegner mit mehr als 60% HP angegriffen wird
error short: more == mehr, less == weniger
STATUS: reported # noted # will be fixed in Version XXX # fxed

these more/less or mehr/weniger errors are quiet all over the game, but i noticed something strange.
weapons seem to have two descriptions (short, long) when looking at weapons having these special effect from above, the translated short description (team, change weapon) is right: Enemy with more mehr than 60% HP, but when getting the details of the weapon via “info I button” it says : Enemy with less weniger than 60% HP

Second Example:

Chars / Toons
Red Kapoor S-Class AR-Description
english original: Deal 1500 MAIM Damage to a line of enemys.
german error: Fügt einem Feind und einem Feind in der Nähe 1500 Schaden durch …
german fixed: Fügt einer Reihe von Gegnern 1500 Schaden durch …
error short: german description tells AR is hitting ** one enemy and one enemy nearby** with 1500 Maim … actually his AR is hitting a line of enemys == einer Reihe von Gegnern
STATUS: reported # noted # will be fixed in Version XXX # fxed

These kinds of errors are really annoying, as in my case, back then i choose S kapoor over S Christa because of this translation error…

players should report translation errors like this and a mod should, check, collect them in first post of that thread and deleting the reporting post. so gamers could see, a this bug is already reported and we as the players “could” get feedback on well we fixed this and this

OR Scopely could give foreign players the opportunity to change the ingame language to english :smiley:

They tried that a few years ago and it wasn’t used very much. You’re welcome to post them there.

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Maybe not that but people on the forums should have the option (if they can) translate the post and repost it on forums and maybe it will be tagged by GR so that people how don’t speak english can translate it for other people who understand their language.

Okay will repost my example errors there, thanks

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